About the Author

Julie Fedderson is a Midwestern internal medicine physician who has spent the last seven years teaching new doctors and obsessing over books.  She began writing novels in her spare time because the New England Journal of Medicine has very little in terms of good romantic scenes.
As the descendent of Czechoslovakian immigrants with sketchy histories, some of Julie’s fondest memories involve her crazy Bohemian family.  Unlike the Bohemians of hippie counterculture, they preferred wearing guns to wearing fringe and became the inspiration for her novels.   Years of drinking lager, eating parts of animals most people throw away, and enduring her mother’s mandatory polka lessons certainly contributed as well.
Julie currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband—who is not Czech but tries—two sons still in character underwear, and an irritable Siamese cat with cataracts.  She shoots a gun occasionally, but her polka is a little rusty.