Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Insecurity as Poetry. Literally.

I have the answer, I have the cure
I have the remedy
I will endure
--Cyberium, Razed in Black

Hey Cats and Kittens!  I hope 2012 is off to an amazing start for all of you.  It's time for another rousing rendition of The Insecure Writer's Support Group, with our host, Alex J. Cavanaugh!

My offering this month is poetry.  And just for added fun, every word in the following poem is made from the word "insecurity."  


True Cur.
Icy Sire.
Set In Sin.
Scent Urine.
Rusty Tin Cuts.
Rest In Ruts.
Siren Curse.
Inert Nurse.
Encrust In Ruins.
Icterus Tunes.
Stir Citrine Rice.
Scrutiny Reins Nice.
Runs in Rites.
Unrest Turns Sites.
Curt Cries in Rye.
Seint Rise.
Curse, I Tire.
Ricen Ire.
Inure Cure Sent.
Neuritis Rent.
Truce, er . . . Tie.
Yes, I Try.


  1. What a fun post, thanks for sharing.

  2. You had me at "scent urine." Brilliant poem! You should at least win an actual photo of Alex for this one! Witty, original, and aromatic! Julie

  3. Holy WOW.

    THAT was cool. Impressed to the nth.

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Julie!

  4. It took me a few minutes to realise that you used Insecurity to make those cool words. Love it.

  5. Wow...what an imagination you have.

  6. INERT NURSE I think I've had one of those before! Very creative!! :)

  7. Curt Cries in Rye. I have no idea what that means, but I love it!

    And Set in Sin is certainly better than Set in Urine...which you could have gone with, so thanks for that. :)

  8. Very impressive! And what a fun entry :)

  9. You made me want to cuss. I kind of automatically gravitate toward the Queen Mother of dirty words when I read something so incredibly cool.

  10. Whoa... I am in awe! That was brilliant. O could feel the cuts and scratches of the words. and that scent of urine, nasty! Wicked clever poem, my friend!

  11. Very well done. Impressive. Thanks for sharing. New follower :)

  12. I'm deeply impressionicated. This is wow clever. What Romance do you have out there? I'd love to read the pillow talk.

  13. Was that as fun to write as it was to read? That's one hell of a take on insecurity=)

  14. This is a clever take on the topic, and I love it!

  15. Great, fun take on insecurity! My insecurities are at the very least grist for the mill of my muse! :-) Roland My Insecure Writer Post is WE GUESS WITH OUR FEARS on how to deal with form rejections and on how to write that dread winning query letter! Roland

  16. This was awesome, Julie - and um, I think I learned some new words. ;)

  17. DAMN! I missed Peter's b'day. Oh well... I'm going to have a drink for him this weekend.

    I know what you mean about the "real job". haha. But in a way I think it's great to work full time 'cause it makes you more inspired in your spare time.

  18. Siv--Thanks for stopping by!

    ENI--I would even take one of the pictures Rusty has created of him in all his guitar glory

    Annalisa--Tried to mix it up today!

    Bryce--Thanks! It means a lot coming from the master of the Muse himself.

    Clarissa--At first, I thought it was a cop out from writing a real post. But the more words I came up with, the more fun I had so there it is.

    Delores--Gets me into trouble sometimes.

    D.L.--I work in a hospital and our best nurses are never inert--I swear they walk 100 miles a day. An inert nurse is not a good thing!

    L.G.--I was thinking whiskey and rye, and if I drink hard liquor I end up usually very. . .emotional.


    Raelyn--It was too much fun to write. Stayed up way too late--hard to make words when you are tired.

    Suze--I'm strangely proud that I inspired profanity.

    Melissa--Thanks, lady! Although I'm sorry about the urine smell.

    Tasha--Glad to have you!! Thanks for stopping by.

    Emma--Thank you! I'm not published--yet! Fingers are crossed.

    Kathleen--It was a blast, stayed up way too late doing it. I might try to make words out of other words more often. Cheap entertainment.

    Alex--Thanks! Aren't you impressed with what you started?


    Krispy--Tried to change it up this month and keep my positive 2012 outlook going

    Roland--Yep, my muse eats rejection and insecurity for breakfast. Most of the time.

    Trisha--Yeah, I had to Google a few of the ones I had to make sure they were real. I like Ricen--means goddess. Better than ricin, I guess.

  19. That's impressive. I probably could have come up with 'imp' and maybe 'press' but that's about it. Good grief.

  20. Oh wait, I just did Impressive in my comment, not insecurity... geez. I'm worse than I thought.

  21. This was totally AMAZING! You're like some sort of freaky genius! or a witch... *eyes suspiciously*

  22. That was brilliant! And telling too. Insecurity or not, I'm glad you write. The world is a better place with you writing in it. I'm also glad I bullied you into blogging. Because the world is a better place with you making me snort rice into my sinuses when I read your funny posts.

  23. Haha! Brava! (applause here) ;) I was falling asleep reading many blogs (the blame's on me, not that their blogs were boring) when I read your poem, and boy did that wake me up. In a good way. :D

  24. First of all, who is Alex P. Cavanaugh. I will google him. You have a fantastically labyrinthine brain. I would like to know what words you can make out of fantastically labyrinthine. Go!

  25. Unique!! What a creative mind! I'm totally in awe!

  26. Well Done, you are so clever~
    Nice to meet you!

  27. This is so creative! I'm really impressed, love it. So glad to meet you through the IWSG!

  28. Great post. Stopped in to join your blog and say hi to a fellow Insecure Writer. Very glad I did. I was treated to some lovely lyrics and poetry.

  29. Oh. My. Gosh.

    That was crazy awesome.


  30. Wow, I am so impressed! This is amazingly clever. You not only try, you succeed.

    Also I loved your comment. I'd leave Dr. Phil on the ground too.

  31. That was amazing. Full marks for wit and originality :-)

  32. I am more and more astonished at your magic ability to play with words :). It's a real pleasure discovering more and more of you :). Kisses.

  33. Ha, thanks to Clarissa for helping my limited brain with your creation Julie. Nicely done.

  34. LOVE 'Siren Curse. Inert Nurse.' I do believe you've got a story arc there!

  35. Wow, I loved this! Your brain works in a way mine never could. Really really well done! Last line brought it home and made me smile.

  36. Insure city,
    tiny cruise.
    Cure its yin.

    I'm no poet, I just love anagrams. Your creation is much more fun.

    Oh, and by the way, apparently my company now blocks your blog because they think it's porn. True story. See? Your writing is even more stimulating than you thought!


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