Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Favorite Songs I Really Have on Vinyl

The world is a vampire sent to drain
Secret destroyers hold you up to the flames
--Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Smashing Pumpkins

So I received this totally wicked blog award from the fabulously avatared Cherie over at Ready. Write. Go.  She is one multi-talented lady--stop by her blog for reviews, writerly wisdom, and make sure you check out her art.  Thanks Cherie!

After I received notice that my blog was on fire (and confirmed that it was not a literal fire) I felt the need to butcher any song with fire in the title.  Kings of Leon was the obvious first victim, so I changed "This Sex is on Fire" to "This Blog is on Fire."  Not a chart topper, but a catchy tune.  And since I couldn't let that go, I started thinking about all the songs with fire in their title and changing them to celebrate blogs.  For all the house music fans there's "My blog, my blog, my blog is on fire."  Old school rock and roll aficionados get "Goodness, gracious, great blogs of fire."  For those who appreciate the attempt at political commentary by Billy Joel in the late 80s, "We didn't start the blog on fire."  And who could forget that Johnny Cash classic?  I've fallen into a burning blog of fire, indeed.

That's when I realized how important music is to me.  I'm always listening to something when I write/run/cook/drive/bathe/kill zombies.  Music can completely alter my mood--it's cheaper than Prozac and doesn't leave me with cotton mouth.  One of my favorite musical activities is playing records in the basement with hubs and the kids.  I'm not sure when my vinyl fascination started--I think I bought a bunch of old records on a garage sale, later realizing that I had no way to play them.  But thanks to nostalgia and the internet, I was able to buy a sleek fancy turntable at Best Buy.  Before that, we relied on my parents' old one which was about the size of a couch and had the acoustic appeal of the tin can telephone.

I love the sound of music on vinyl--it seems different somehow.  The pops and scratches and white noise whisper to me a secret only those with turntables know.  Not to mention that album covers were truly works of art.  Hubby really embraced this hobby; he seems to enjoy going to musty smelling used record shops and communing with hippies over the merits of vintage things.  Explains a lot about his attraction for me.  We have probably about 500 albums now, and it was darn hard to pick just a few.  I sense recurring installment here.  So with no further ado and in no particular order, here we go:

Paradise by the Dashboard Light is my favorite Karaoke song of all time.   This is the first album I think I ever saw--it was in my brother's collection and it scared the holy bejeezus out of me.  Strange that now I like books with burly men riding motorcycles in graveyards.  Subliminal messaging a la Meatloaf.

Whip It is my four year old's favorite song.   I also desperately need one of these hats. 
Judy is A Punk was my intro to the Ramones.  I admit, when I first heard the song, I thought it was Julie is a Punk, so I was a bit disappointed when I got the album and that was not so.  But I can sing it any way I like.
Are you experienced?  I wasn't, but damn after this album I wanted to be.   Jimi Hendrix was a shining guitar god.
Superstition.  Actually, this whole album is amazing.  And Stevie was on Sesame Street, which is the mark of true greatness.
Norwegian Wood.  I have so many Beatles albums and it was hard to decide, but I love the sitar in this song so much.  This cover is a mess, but the album is fine.  And John looks at you, no matter where you move.  Freaky.
Me and Bobby McGee.  Love, love Janis.  Something about her Port Arthur misfit story resonates with me; it's like real-life fiction.  Gone too soon.
Run to the Hills.  I have a heavy metal fixation, and Iron Maiden was one of the first I listened to.  And it has the awesome VH1 cat video to go with it.
Living Loving Maid.  Led Zeppelin was proof I should have lived in another decade.
I Stay Away.  Beautiful.  Haunting.  Was a song for one of my characters, so close to my heart.

We are the champions.  Always made me smile to see all the jocks from my little hometown singing this anthem.  God Bless Freddie Mercury.
Voodoo People.  Prodigy is your place for songs to dance to until you throw up.
Talk Dirty to Me was part of my hair metal fetish.   Not sure what the attraction was, all the dudes were prettier than I was.  Eyeliner on men, sexy or silly?  Discuss.
Gold Dust Woman.  I have an irrational obsession with Stevie Nicks.  I think I may be her illegitimate magical love child.
Should I Stay or Should I Go?  I think this album started my alternative phase.
Red Barchetta.  I didn't know what a Barchetta was before this song; it sounded sort of like a demon of Beowulf proportions,  and you never know with Rush.   Hubby made me add this one.  He has almost all of Rush's albums on vinyl.
Jack and Diane.  My budding adolescence summed up in one song.    And a shout out to all the girls who wore Bobby Brooks.  That caption is talking to me, baby.
Rio.  Probably one of the first videos I saw--yes, I witnessed the birth of MTV, at least when my family got cable.  And Simon Le Bon on that yacht still makes me want to dance on the sand.
Add it up.  One of the first songs I heard that had a naughty word in it.   Thought I was a real badass listening to this one.  Actually, I still do.
Electric Co.  A song about ECT.  Gotta love Bono,  he's politically vocal with a good beat that's easy to dance to.
Jessie's Girl.  I had the hugest crush on Rick Springfield when he was on General Hospital with that lovely feathered hair of his.  Saddens me to see this news.  Go back to your soap roots, Rick!
Space Age Love Song.  These guys had the best hair, which I tried to emulate with many cans of Aqua Net.   I was downright flammable for most of the late eighties/early nineties.
Crazy Train.  The return of the Oz with Randy Rhoads.  Easily one of the greatest guitarists of all times.
Rapper's Delight.  The first "rap" song I think I ever heard.  And the scene in the Wedding Singer makes me happy.  Everybody would be a lot better off if currency was measured out in meatballs.
One.  I saw these guys in Des Moines pre hair cut and Napster.  And they were awesome.
Back in Black.  Although Angus in his plaid uniform left a bit to be desired, I like to think he opened the door for my highlander fixation.
Satisfaction.  I still can't get no.   
Afternoon Delight.  The naughtiest song that sounds so nice.
Dedication.  These guys were my first boy band.   Scottish dudes in jumpsuits.  What more could you want?


  1. Rush!
    You are forever cool in my book.
    And if you like buchering lyrics, replace 'love' with 'slugs' for more fun.

  2. Alex--Are you really that easy? And Slugs in an Elevator sounds a lot like a damn good B movie.

  3. Julie, great post.The artwork on these vinyl album is superb. Looking at them brings back floods of memories.
    Helen x

  4. Too ... much .. to ... comment on! Overloaded circuits ...

    Okay, Rush, Queen, Flock of Seagulls, Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Devo, Duran Duran-- is that the album with 'Planet Earth?'-- the Bee' uls, Stevie Wonder !!

    Beautiful. Beautiful post, my dear! Can I come over and watch your ceiling while listening to this stuff-- analog!? I have Blue Oyster Cult, more Rush, Styx, Supertramp and Doobie Brothers on vinyl-- but no turntable!

  5. Just showed off this post to my husband bottom up and he goes,

    'Meatloaf gets top billing?'

    I'm all, 'Honey, it says 'no particular order' ...'

  6. What a trip down memory lane! I'm so jealous you still have all your vinyl! I don't what happened to all my records - I suspect my mom sold them off in a garage sale or something years ago.

    Meatloaf! Sky rockets in flight! Jesse's Girl!

    You rock. And I mean that literally.

  7. Helen--I really think some of them are worthy of being framed.

    Suze--for you, I will dig out the laser projector so we can watch red Spirograph spirals pulse with the music on the ceiling! And it's not on Rio, but I have the album with Planet Earth on it. Sigh. Love Duran Duran.

    Jennifer--My mom tries to help with my collection whenever she hits garage sales, but our musical tastes are a bit different. But thanks to her I have lots of Buck Owens and Conway Twitty.

  8. Julie: I loved this post! I actually own two functioning turntables, and DO use them. You hit a lot of my favorites on here; I adore your collection.

    And guyliner? TOTALLY sexy if it's in the spirit of say, Jack Sparrow or Dave Navarro. On Poison, it's kinda kitschy. (Though I really love that song!)

  9. Cool! My hubby has all of those...old albums. He refuse to get rid of them eventhough he never plays them. Duran Duran was one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing all those. You know what was cool though, because I grew up listening to them, Boy George and Cindy Lauper.

    FYI: I gave you an award today. :)

  10. Oh, this brough back some memories. I had a big Jimi Hendrix crush back in the 70s. I used to drink red wine and "get into" Jimi. I thought I was so cool. I still have my boxed set of George Harrison, All things must Pass, my No.1 all time favourite, hard to find now!
    Great post.

  11. My kids favorite song is Whip it, too. :) Great selection. I was talking with a friend the other day over coffee and a kid asked what an album was? Seriously, am I that old? LOL

  12. Congrats on your award! And I noticed Duran Duran. OMG...I think I had that on 8track....lol

  13. Maggie--I sort of agree on the guyliner, always have had a little thing for the gothy looking guys. And Johnny Depp could wear bubble wrap and still be hot.

    Laila--I actually have both Culture Club and Cindy. Love me some 80s music. And thank you for the award, that is so sweet of you! But the comments are only as good as the posts that inspire them! I bow to your bloggy wisdom, oh Princess of Magical Fairy Goodness.

    YONKS--I actually have no George Harrison, which is a crime. I will have to scrounge at the Antiquarium (old record shop in Omaha) this weekend!

    Ciara--My kids are baffled by cassette tapes. I personally think that albums are hardier than CDs--one little scratch and that shiny little disc is freaking ruined. I've got albums that are older than me and still pristine.

    E.-- Thanks! And OMIGOD! 8tracks. I have a pile of them, but alas, no player. I guess I will not enjoy the musical stylings of Ronnie Milsap via that type of media any time soon.

  14. So fun to see these album covers again. And congratulations on your award!

  15. The scary thing is that I recognize all of those songs and the albums. I suddenly feel very old, because I used to love records.

  16. that's a great collection, seriously

  17. I think it's great that your 4 year old loves Whip It. You're as fun and funny as Laila says so I'm joining your following.
    Happy Wednesday!

  18. Cynthia--Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the vinyl nostalgia.

    Aleta--We're not old, we are chronologically superior.

    J.Littlejohn--Thanks! For being mostly made up of Nebraska garage sale offerings, I think I've done pretty well.

    Rawknrobyn--first of all, way cool name. Used to sing that song and jump on the bed when I was younger. Like last year. I am thrilled to have you as a new minion. One day, we will rise up and rule the world. Or at least my street.

  19. Congrats on the award! And what a collection of albums.

  20. Some of my favorites are on here!

    As for the makeup on guys, I'd personally like to see a reality show where they compete for glamazonian status. Between Boy George, the Poison dudes, and that guy (now a girl) from Dead or Alive, it would be pretty hard to pick a winner.

  21. 'Gotta love Bono, he's politically vocal with a good beat that's easy to dance to.'

    Actually no. Despite living in Ireland the majority of the time, he doesn't pay a single bean off tax here. He doesn't contribute to our roads, hospitals, schools or welfare system. Yet he pontificates to the rest of us about what we should do with our money. Obviously, raising money for the developing world is a priority, but Bono is a bit of a hypocrite.

    Sorry, rant over. You have such a cool music collection, it puts my pop-tastic itunes library to shame. Though I do love me some Janis.

  22. John sees into my sooooouuuul...
    Also, i love Queen so much it hurts. I'm listening to them rigth now

  23. Donna--Thank you so much! Glad you liked it.

    Lydia--that guy is a girl now? I think that would disqualify him. But I would totally watch a show like that. Like the Hunger Games, but with makeup

    Christine--I guess that shows you that politically vocal doesn't necessarily mean politically active. He's probably spending all his money on sunglasses. And I love itunes poptasticness--haven't found Lady Gaga or Katy Perry on vinyl yet.

    Falen--Freddie Mercury is someone I would have loved to have met.

  24. Congrats on your award! Great Meatloaf song! Devo is also one of my favorite groups! Thanks for the great trip down memory lane! Julie

  25. Congrats on the award. Music is different on vinyl. I still have all my old albums. I think most of them are collectors items now. Life would really suck without music!

  26. Love classic rock. Especially love listening through headphones while I write, all cocooned in my own little world.

  27. WOW. That's a lot of great music. Congrats on the award!

  28. I have stacks of 45s that I feel obligated to hold onto because, despite the digital age, some of the albums and songs are still not available on CD or for download.

    You have an impressive collection!


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