Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seven Things I Need to Get in the Mood

If man is five, if man is five, if man is five
then the devil is six, then the devil is six, then the devil is six
and if the devil is six
then god is seven.
--This Monkey's Gone to Heaven, The Pixies
I am so grateful to all of the people I have met in the short time I have been blogging.  I truly have never been associated with a more supportive group, and the fact that some of you have taken the time to consider me worthy for these lovely awards just makes me all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside!

As part of the awards, I am challenged to give the blogosphere seven tidbits about life as I know it.  As I thought about this, I found myself thinking, why seven?  What is the writerly significance of that number anyway?
Religious texts are full of sevens, as is mythology.  There’s seven days of creation, corresponding to our days of the week.  There are seven Archangels and seven Princes of Hell.  Seven years of feast--and seven years of famine.  Seven chakras.  Seven deadly sins--and seven virtues.  The Menorah has seven branches.  The Irish mythologic hero Cuchulainn is associated with sevens (boyfriend had seven fingers and seven toes.  Finding shoes was a bitch).  Eastern Europeans believe seventh sons of seventh sons are capable of anything from clairvoyance to vampirism.
Historically there were Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and seven emperors of Rome.  In medicine, we have seven cervical vertebrae (them's the neck bones.  Mmm, crunchy).  In music, there are seven notes on the major scale.  There are seven continents.  Seven colors in a rainbow. Seven celestial bodies can be seen from earth with the naked eye.  
Pop culture is filled with sevens as well.  Snow White has her Seven Dwarves.  There are Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Who can forget 007?  And the Seven Year Itch?  And if that’s not enough, read all about The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  If you need a pick-me-up, go to the 7-11 and buy a 7-up.  The list just keeps going.
Obviously, this prime number inspires and enlightens.  So here goes my homage to seven:
The Seven Things I Need to Get in the Mood

1.  A quiet house with the munchkins barricaded in their rooms tucked securely in their own beds.
2.  A long hot shower followed by copious amounts of lotions and potions so I smell like a vanilla cookie, preserved for all eternity. 
3.  The soft strains of the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack playing on the stereo (and the mental image of Daniel Day Lewis in a loin cloth in the back of my mind).
4.  Enough candles to make my freshly exfoliated skin look luminescent, but not so many that if I fall asleep the house will burn down.
5.  No bra.  Sometimes no undies, depends on where I’m at with the laundry week cycle.
6.  A soft, malleable pillow for butt support.
7.  A big glass of red wine.
Harry Potter said seven was the most powerful magical number, and I completely agree.  After my ritual of sevens, this is where the magic happens.

Don't tell me you were imagining something more on the Sealy Posturepedic side?

When the ritual of seven is complete, I’m in the mood to WRITE, of course!

On another happy note, I am participating in the Pay It Forward Blogfest today, set up by Matthew MacNish at The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment with some help from Alex J. Cavanaugh.  The idea was to name three blogs that you think are swell and get them out there for others to appreciate, too.  I chose three that make me laugh, because that's the only way I get through the day sometimes. 
A final word--I am taking my medical boards on Monday, so there will be no Sunday Mythbusters this week.  I’ll be back with a post on October 23rd.
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. You have a beautiful weekend, too, Jules.

  2. I'll check those out! I love to laugh!

  3. I know two of those bloggers, but one is new - cool!
    Your second thing reminds me of my wife.

  4. Good luck with your medical boards. I think the most important thing to remember about the number seven is that there were seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    Now that's significant.

  5. Congratulations on your blog awards!
    I love this post -- you managed to list so many facts of number seven! :-)

  6. Good luck with your boards next week. I'm so with you on number five :-)

  7. Hey there, congrats on the awards! I'll be passing on the one you gave me on Monday. Ooh, and three blogs I actually wasn't following, cool. I'm with you on the silence, the bath, and the glass of wine, but heck I need my bra. Have a great weekend! :)

  8. Good luck with your boards and congrats on your awards. =o)

    It's funny. I've always wondered why they felt the need to stretch the colors of a rainbow to 7 - especially when the color wheel only has six. Indigo seems kinda redundant. :shrug: Must be a part of the 7 conspiracy.

  9. Seven's the number!

    7 little chipmunks twirling on a branch
    eating lots of sunflowers on my uncles ranch!

    That was a moveie quote from "There's Something About Mary"

    Nice blog!

  10. Congratulations on your awards! Great post and i will check out the recommended blogs. I am a new follower..:)

  11. Congrats on the awards and good luck on the boards.

  12. I had no doubt you were preparing for writing..really...I knew it all the time.
    congratulations on the awards
    Here from Pay It Forward.

  13. Hi! Count me in as a new Pay It Forward follower! And congrats on the awards. :-)

  14. Great links! Congratulations on the awards.

  15. LOL, if I went through all that to get in the mood to write I doubt I'd ever write ;)

    Congrats on the awards.

  16. Seven is a magical number.

    I need to find a soft, malleable pillow for butt support too.


  17. Congrats on the awards! I love all your sevens info. Best of luck on the medical boards!

  18. Hi Julie. I'm here as the co-host from the Pay It Forward blogfest (obviously). Thanks so much for signing up.

    And I wasn't following your blog until just now, so the fest is working!

  19. I like seven. Fun post.
    Happy Weekend!

  20. Found you through the Pay It Forward blogfest! Glad I did. Great blog.

  21. I got a little uncomfortable at No.6, I thought way too much information. I have a smutty mind, I know.

    Well deserved awards dear one. Don't stop!
    Good luck with your medical boards, will you be treading on them?

  22. Visiting from Blutonian... love the Pixies.

  23. Kick ass on your boards, m'dear.


  24. There are other things I wanted to say but I inhaled my water and coughed too much. Your posts have that effect on me.

  25. Hi Julie, I realize you've been bombarded with awards, but I have another one for you. This one is a bit different. Feel free to pop by, my post will pop up tomorrow morning. Just wanted to let you know. Have a wonderful evening. Ciao! :)

  26. Wow, seven has a whole new meaning for me! I totally love how you get in the mood...candles are a must. I am stopping by from the blogfest. Happy weekend and sending you positive thoughts for Monday!

  27. I totally read that the wrong way the first time through. It makes more sense now. :)

    Good luck on your boards!

  28. Good luck on your boards. I loved this post and that looks like a very cozy desk to spend time at. And congratulations on your well deserved awards too!

  29. Congratulations on your blogging award.

    I am still trying to visit bloggers from the PIF blogfest. I never have enough time to get everything done. You know how that is. I am a mom, lawyer & writing hopping to get published and somedays it is all just too much.

    Nice to meet you& I will be back to read more. Good luck on your boards.

  30. Hey, thanks a million for the shout-out! I sincerely appreciate it, and feel all flattered and stuff. *blushes*

    Good luck on your boards!

  31. missed the pay it forward blog, so stopping by fashionably late! nice to meet you :)

  32. Good luck with the medical boards. I know you will do well.

    Congratulations on your award and seven is a good number. Enjoyed reading all of them.

  33. this was a lot of fun to read. i'm with you on the list of 7 ;-)

    p.s. good luck on your boards.

  34. Julie, congratulations on the blog awards, and best of luck on the Boards today (you'll do great!!! if you got stumped, I hope you wowed 'em with some busted myths). Re: Sevens. don't forget the Seventh Wave. . . basis of Scottish/Celtic myth of the mermaid becoming human and a muse to the human who captures her. Awesome.

  35. Congratulations on your blog awards. Wow, that's a lot of info about 7s and... umm... your laundry.

  36. I have seven whiskers on my chin. Not so magical. You are a font of knowledge from which I will continue to drink. xo

  37. 1) I love the Pixies.

    2) I usually write sans bra, too. (though with a camisole that has a built-in shelf bra, for some support. I can't go w/out any support, they're too big. It hurts.) Some kind of comfy elastic waste bottoms (shorts or sweats) on my lower region. Never anything uncomfy.

    3) Your desk is so neat and tidy.

    4) Congrats on your awards. well deserved.

    5) I hope the Boards went well.

  38. Love your seven things. Over from the PIF blogfest. New follower and will go look at your recommendations too.

  39. tricked me! (but that's not hard to do. I'm pretty gullible!) Best of luck on the results of the test!


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